Mac users have been excluded from the world's first online film premiere; despite Apple's position as the world's largest movie trailer download provider.

New movie – This Is Not A Love Song – launches simultaneously online and in cinemas today, to a blaze of media attention. The low-budget, half-a-million pound flick stars Harry Potter actor David Bradley (Mr Filch). It was written by Simon Beaufoy of Full Monty fame, directed by Billy Eltringham, and is being premiered at five cinemas across the UK, as well as online.

Beaufoy told BBC Breakfast News that he wrote the film for the Internet because it was hard for small local films to get distribution deals: "It is on in five cinemas but the point was we felt British films were being squeezed out of the cinema by big American blockbusters.

"We thought, 'Let's try and get our films out to the man in Norfolk and the woman in the Yorkshire Dales who never see my movies'," he said. Not, however, to Yorkshire or Norfolk's Mac users.

Microsoft's advantages in digital rights management technology have hampered Mac users' hopes once again, as watching the movie requires Windows Media Player version 9. This version integrates technologies to help copyright holders hang on to their copyright.

To watch the film using a PC, visit