Macintosh users have reacted with anger to FIFA and Yahoo’s decision not to offer Mac support for FIFA’s World Cup video-highlights service.

Now, a group of Mac users has published a petition online, demanding that FIFA consider its decision – before the Cup Final – and provides “Equal access across platforms for the World Cup.”

The group argues: “In providing your FIFA World Cup video highlights, you’re directly denying access to millions of Macintosh, Unix, and Linux users, among other platforms, the ability to view your World Cup highlights.

“Besides hurting your community, you’re also hurting yourself. Needless to say, if only a small percentage of snubbed users out there purchased access, it could mean millions in revenue.”

The petition urges FIFA: “Do the right thing and allow all computer users to view your media. Perhaps if it were a free service, denying access to certain people would not be as big an issue. But that’s not the case. You’re unwilling to let certain users pay you to use your services, in an act of platform discrimination – there are many media-formats that would easily allow all platforms to view media, and could cost much less – meaning larger profits.”

The petition opened this morning.

FIFA, meanwhile, has argued that the Mac’s share of the computer market is: “Too small to justify the investment which would have been needed to make the service available to Macintosh users.”

The service, which costs $19.95, offers computer-using football fans access to four minutes of narrated video coverage from each World Cup match. However, it is available only to Windows users.