Apple CEO Steve Jobs last night explained that an updated version of the company's Front Row media-management software would be released for Macs that already possess the feature.

The updated software - which hasn't yet been made available - will give owners of G5 iMacs, MacBook Pros and Intel iMacs parity with the network features of Front Row introduced last night.

The most compelling of these features is the software's new-found ability to stream content from other computers - Macs or PCs - on the network.

Users can now employ Front Row to play songs, video, iMovie or iPhoto content from other machines on the network, transforming the Mac mini (or other Front Row-ready Mac) into a networkable media hub.

Front Row hasn't yet received the most-requested update, which is to let the software integrate and manage products from third-party developers, chiefly El Gato's television viewing software.

Writing in his blog, Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg said: "It does seem Apple has listened and integrated Front Row to the Mac mini and that's good news. Apple's really moving in steps to capture another endpoint in the digital home and that's the importance of this news. Notice there's still no TV tuner support, but the infrastructure for media sharing is now in place beyond music and Apple as the provider of an end-to-end networking experience can deliver on what they promise. This is the next move in what is still an early game."

He also called last night's announcements "evolutionary" rather than "revolutionary".