Apple closed MobileMe this weekend, forcing users to look for alternative cloud services such as iCloud. But if you need more from your cloud service than iCloud can provide, MacAce’s MacMate could be the answer. It’s a web hosting, cloud storage and emails package that has just seen the arrival of a brand new Galleries feature.

The new Galleries feature was added this week, two months after MacMate’s April launch, and enables users to create a Gallery by clicking or dragging and dropping a folder into the Galleries folder on the MacMate disk on the desktop. This will create an online Gallery, which users can customise.

The Gallery is optimised for various devices, including Retina options and mobile versions for iPad and iPhone.

“We’ve helped thousands of customers move their iWeb sites from MobileMe to MacMate and the main feature request was Galleries, to replace MobileMe’s gallery feature,” said Barry Rhodes, lead developer for MacMate’s new feature. “The aim was to make it easy, great looking and to really showcase users photos without any distracting interface options.”

“We have some very big shoes to fill and we just hope we can build on what Apple wanted MobileMe to be in the first place while putting our own stamp on it,” says Gary Hall, CEO and founder of MacAce. “We’re not looking to compete directly with iCloud, just make MacMate elegant and intuitive in its design and function, robustly reliable and fast. We’ve learnt a lot from Apple on much of its ethos.”

To find out more about MacMate, visit MacAce’s website.