Apple is set to discontinue MobileMe on 30 June, with iCloud taking its place. But if the recent iCloud outages have knocked your confidence in the service, or you need more from your cloud service than iCloud provides, MacAce is offering an alternative: MacMate.

MacMate is a new web hosting, cloud storage and email package, which can be used as a replacement for iDisk, iWeb and MobileMe, says MacAce. MacMate comes with 10GB of cloud storage and three email accounts. Up to 100GB of cloud storage and unlimited email accounts are available.

“Many Apple fans are worried about moving their MobileMe web hosting and their iDisk requirements to another provider in June,” said Gary Hall, CEO of MacAce. “We’ve addressed that with MacMate, which is designed from the ground up to have the essence of an Apple App but with our own unique MacAce stamp on it.”

MacAce points out that iCloud focuses on syncing music, photographs and apps but doesn’t provide hosting or allow files to be uploaded from applications such as Word, Photoshop and Excel, which is where MacMate comes in.

The MacMate disk sits on your Macs desktop, allowing drag and drop of any file-type as a back up. Users can also work directly from the disk. MacMate’s email has built-in virus and spam protection, and allows existing IMAP accounts to be imported.

MacMate is currently in a fully working BETA version, and MacAce intends to add features in the coming weeks and months, including photo-sharing through instant galleries, blogs, file and folder sharing options and more.

MacMate is available at an introductory price of £59 per year, with three months extra free. Click here for more information.