Apple has finally unveiled a new design for the MacBook Air, for the first time since it launched 10 years ago. The 2018 MacBook Air is available to order right now, but where is the best place to buy it? Plus, while stocks last, older MacBook Air models will be discounted. We’ve got all of the best MacBook Air deals here.

The new MacBook Air has some familiar qualities, including its slightly wedged shape, super lightweight body and 13in display, but it has had a much-needed makeover on the inside and out. This update represents the first time the MacBook Air has seen a new design since it launched in 2008, and the first proper update since 2015.

It now comes in three colours, it’s even thinner and lighter than before and it has had spec upgrades across the board including a Retina display. It even includes a Touch ID fingerprint sensor to make using it more secure.

It’s available to pre-order now ahead of its 7 November release date.

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How much does the new MacBook Air cost?

The MacBook Air is more expensive than the previous models were, starting at £1,199/$1,199.

That’s for the base model, which has a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB memory, 128GB SSD storage and Intel UHD graphics 617.

If you want to up the storage to 256GB, the price is £1,399/$1,399.

Built-to-order options when customising the more expensive model are as follows:

16GB memory - +£180/$180 (£1,579/$1,579)

512GB SSD storage - +£200/$200 (£1,599/$1,599)

1.5TB SSD storage - +£1,000/$1,000 (£2,399/$2,399)

For the top spec model you’re looking at £2,579/$2,579).

Where to buy the new MacBook Air 2018

You can, of course, buy the new MacBook Air from Apple itself on its website here. But that’s not the only place it’s available. You'll also find the MacBook Air at:

The only place we've seen offering a discount on the new MacBook Air so far is Apple Premium Reseller KRCS, which has 6% off the new models. Take a look by clicking here.

We expect the following will also stock the new MacBook Air soon:

We'll be updating this article with more MacBook Air availability news as it is announced.

Best MacBook Air deals

The best deal we've seen on the new MacBook Air is the aforementioned offering from KRCS, which has 6% off the new models. This can save you up to £84 so it is well worth a look. See deal here.

Apple is still selling the older model of MacBook Air on its store, for £949/$999. That's the same price as it was before the new model was announced, so not a particularly great deal.

John Lewis seems to be selling the same model as Apple is at £949 for £789, with the 256GB model priced at £949 instead. From Apple, the 256GB model would normally set you back £1,049.

Currys PC World is also selling the 256GB 2017 MacBook Air for £949, and the lower spec model for £799 here.

We expect to see more retailers selling off their stock of the older MacBook Air at lower prices, so we'll bring you those deals right here over the coming days and weeks.

We'd recommend taking a look at Apple's Refurbished Store for great MacBook and MacBook Air deals. They're forever changing, but you can get a huge discount on products that you'd never be able to tell are refurbished.

You can find out more about buying a refurbished Mac here.

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