Apple may have replaced the Toshiba Blade X-gale SSD (solid-state drive) used in the most recent line of MacBook Airs with a slightly faster model, according to reports.

Anandtech reports that the SSD in at least some newer MacBook Airs appear to be made by Samsung, though it wasn't entirely certain.

Further evidence of this appears on the MacRumors forum with customers reporting a SSD with a code number beginning with the letters SM - SM128C - which have been seen in Samsung-manufactured SSDs before. The Toshiba Blade X-gale has a code number of TS128C.

Anandtech said that the SM128C has a read speed of 260MB/s and a write speed of 210MB/s. This beats the 210MB/s read and 185MB/s write speeds offered by the TS128C.

The site also reckons that the speeds of the SM128C closely match the speed of Samsung 470 Series SSDs.