Thursday evening and Apple UK has confirmed the MacBook Air is shipping here.

The company explained its thinnest portable Mac "is now shipping", and let potential customers know the product "will be available" through its usual retail sales channels.

A cursory check on Apple's online store reveals that customers ordering the lightweight laptop there can expect a wait of up to three weeks before the product ships.

The entry-level 1.6GHz MacBook Air costs £1,199, a faster 1.8GHz model equipped with a 64GB solid-state drive is also available. The latter option costs £2,028. All prices include VAT.

Build-to-order options and accessories for MacBook Air include the ability to upgrade to a 64GB solid state drive (for £639), MacBook Air SuperDrive (£65), Apple USB Ethernet Adapter (£19), Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter (£29), and the Apple Remote (£9).

Mac users in the market for a MacBook Air should be aware that the product doesn't ship with the £9 Apple Remote, despite the inclusion of Front Row software on the machine and the £1,199 price-tag.

Mac users should also note this Mac lacks a Firewire port for ingesting video to edit using iMovie or their choice of video editing software.