We mentioned MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.5 in our round-up of product news on Tuesday. But the software update for mid-2010 13-inch MacBook Pros wasn't the only firmware release to come out of Cupertino this week.

Owners of the mid-2010 Mac mini and mid-2010 MacBook also have firmware updates to call their own. And like the MacBook Pro firmware release, these updates enable Lion Recovery from an Internet connection on their respective Mac models.

Lion Recovery is a Mac OS X 10.7 feature that lets you easily repair disks or reinstall the operating system without turning to an install disc. Installing Lion creates a bootable 650MB partition on your startup drive that includes utilities for fixing problems, restoring files, browsing the Web, and reinstalling OS X.

Mac mini (Mid 2010) Firmware Update 1.5 is a 3MB download that, in addition to enabling Lion Recovery over an Internet connection, also fixes an issue where the setting to restart after a power failure may not be retained. MacBook (Mid 2010) Firmware Update 2.1 is a 3.1MB download. Both updates are available at Apple's support website as well as through OS X's Software Update feature. Both updates require Mac OS X 10.7.2.

To install the update, make sure the power cord for your MacBook is plugged in. When the computer restarts, you'll see a gray screen with a status bar showing the update's progress. Be prepared to wait a few minutes for the update to finish. Apple warns users not to turn off the power to their computer during the update.