Apple fans are hoping to see a new MacBook Pro or a new iPhone at today’s WWDC keynote in San Francisco.

In our recent survey of 970 participants, 22.9 per cent of Macworld readers said that they are hoping Apple will announce a new MacBook pro at the keynote, which starts at 6pm today.

So we think you'll be glad to hear that the Apple Store is down, suggesting Apple will anounce new hardware that could go on sale today.The new MacBook Pro could be redesigned, with Ivy Bridge processors, a Nvidia chipset and Retina display.

The second most wanted new product is the sixth-generation iPhone, with 19.8 per cent of the votes. Experts believe that it is unlikely the next iPhone will arrive at WWDC this year, but its new operating system, iOS 6, is set to make an appearance. That’s good news for the 17.1 per cent of participants that hoped Apple would be announcing its new mobile operating system this week.

A total of 14 per cent of participants voted that they are hoping to see a new iMac at today’s keynote, while 6.3 per cent will be most pleased with a new MacBook Air.

Almost ten per cent of our readers voted for the much-speculated Apple branded HDTV. Earlier today, we reported that Apple could be announcing a new Apple TV App Store, allowing third-party developers to make apps for the upcoming and current television products.

It’s likely that Apple will announce iCloud updates this week, and banners that decorate the WWDC venue seem to confirm it. Just under five per cent of our readers are most looking forward to improvements to Apple’s wireless syncing service.

The remaining 5.5 per cent of participants voted for ‘something else’. AlanAudio wrote in the Macworld forums: “It’s also about time that multi-user support was available for iPads. I don’t want to lend other people an iPad if they can snoop around all my personal email, which are automatically synced via iCloud.”

Grumpygiraffe said that he is hoping to see an update to the Mac Pro. “I feel that Apple have somewhat left the ‘pro’ end of the market swinging at late. Not everyone wants a laptop and some people need that extra ‘oomph’,” he wrote in the forums.

“I don’t think it even needs an overall update as it is already a truly beautiful piece of kit,” Grumpygiraffe added. “It just needs the internals upgrading to reflect the advances in processors, graphics etc.”

In terms of software, Grumpygiraffe is hoping for an ‘Adobe Creative Suite Killer’ from Apple.

Tune in to our live feed of the WWDC keynote at 6pm to put an end to the speculation about what Apple is about to unveil.