Apple has finally resolved its MacBook Pro demand and supply problems so customers can expect their new Macs to ship in 24 hours.

As Macworld reported last week, Apple briefly updated the front page of its online store to display a small green tag on the MacBook Pro product icon which said, "Available in 24 hours".

While the icon has diappeared, Apple's store product pages now promise that any new pro-portables ordered by UK customers will now be ready to ship in 24 hours, as they are in the US.

The move suggests that Apple and its manufacturing partners have finally begun to ramp up production to meet what has been described as strong demand for the new portables, reflecting many users desire to move to a faster processor than the G4 PowerBook's possessed.

Apple remains under pressure to ship new Intel-powered iBooks (possibly called MacBooks) this month, in order to benefit from the US back-to-school buying season, which traditionally begins in April.