New test results between white and black MacBooks have delivered some unexpected results.

A test of the 2GHz white MacBook showed it offered a slight performance advantage in comparison with the black models. This confused the testers, as both Macs are, to all intents and purposes, equally configured.

"Testing the white 2GHz MacBook and comparing the results to the published scores of the black model, we saw small performance differences in many of the tests, with the edge going to the white model in most cases," reports Macworld US.

Further tests - including swapping across the hard drives inside both Macs - seem to suggest that the hard drives used in the Macs accounted for the differences, as both come from different manufacturers (Seagate and Fujitsu).

The Compressor MPEG-2 Encoding test and an iMovie test in which testers applied the Aged video effect to a clip seemed to particularly favour the white MacBook.

Meanwhile a small number of reports claim orange blemishes have appeared at either side of the trackpad on some MacBooks. These claims haven't been verified, and may be misplaced.