MacBooks run at a slightly higher average temperature than an similarly specified Dell Latitude D620, a set of independent tests claim.

Both machines seemed to run warmer at the bottom of their chassis, observes Brian Krische in a report on his website.

Krische tested the machines by measuring their running temperature when they were playing back an entire DVD using the battery. He chose this test because he felt it reflects a typical consumer use of the machines.

He measured temperatures at eight points on the top and bottom of the cases using an Oakton InfraPro infrared thermometer. The room temperature was 75-degrees Fahrenheit, he said.

During the test, parts of the MacBook (the upper left hand quadrant) ran as high as 119.8-degrees Fahrenheit, at the end of the DVD. The Dell PC reached 105.8-degrees, he claimed.

The test was only run once, but led Krische to conclude: "In the end, it appears to be that, in certain spots, the MacBook is significantly hotter than the Dell, but its average temperature is very close to that of the Dell."

He stresses that he tested both machines "with utmost scrutiny", and points out that Apple's slim consumer notebook has no cooling fans, unlike the Dell, which is not the case, the MacBook has one fan.

"I think that the MacBook is a great alternative to the Windows-dominated computer market," he states.