Apple's MacBook is the most recommended affordable laptop system, according to Computing Which.

The new edition of the magazine, which looks at technology purely from a consumer's perspective, recommends the MacBook with an 82 per cent overall rating.

Computing Which? tested the latest lightweight laptops, all costing around £1,000 and weighing no more than 2.5kg.

The MacBook was the heaviest laptop tested and the report criticised its inclusion of just two USB ports, but the machine won top marks for ease-of-use, strong marks for performance and a good score for "versatility".

"The MacBook has an ample hard 160GB hard drive and is one of the cheaper laptops on test," the report explains.

In a sign of how far away Apple has come from the once customary perception that its products are expensive, other recommended systems in the Which? test included the Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 PC (£939) and the Toshiba Portege R500-106 (£1,196).