MacCards is to return for one month only.

Simon Jones, creator of the site placed an appeal for votes online earlier this week. The voting has now closed, and 78.41 per cent of votes cast were in favour of a return of the site, which was closed earlier this year following legal pressure from Apple.

Only 21.59 per cent of votes cast rejected the idea, so 12 new cards will appear on on Monday.

The electronic greetings-cards are "satirically based" on Apple's advertising, but with coloured lighters rather than Macs. More images may be added closer to Christmas. Jones has also added more EyeCards to the site.

Jones believes that his special-edition cards will not draw the attention of Apple's legal department. He says: "No doubt Apple will release its own iCards for Christmas, just as I plan to release some EyeCards for the holiday season." But he claims: "I couldn't ignore the many requests I have had to do something with MacCards."