Simon Jones, creator of the MacCards Web site, which was closed following legal pressure from Apple, has a new project planned.

MacCards, despite it satirizing Apple, was no more than a humorous tribute to the company, according to Jones. In the month the Web site got the most media attention, MacCards enjoyed seven million hits. After this, Jones began Eyecards - a site dedicated to pointless, boring greetings cards with no Apple connection at all (see image), according to the Web site.

Out of reach Jones is appealing for illustrators prepared to create and contribute high-quality material for a virtual greetings card site that Apple can’t touch.

The original MacCards site was closed by Apple because it used photographic images taken from Apple’s site. Jones hopes that, by using original, humorous cartoon-like illustrations he might be able to dodge Apple’s legal might.

Jones said: "If we do this, I’d love to be able to send a card to Jobs." Jones also told Macworld that the Eyecards site would get a relaunch in the next few weeks, with many newly contributed cards, and classic QuickTime movies of taps dripping and kettles boiling.

Yawn He said: "I was compressing the movies, and realized, if this wasn’t for humour, these topics are so dull they could become modern art."

Illustrators interested in contributing to the site should email Jones.