MacCards creator, Simon Jones (pictured) is asking Macintosh users to vote to decide if the Web site should return – for one month only.

Voting - through the MacCards Web site - is open until 4pm, December 7. If voters agree, Jones will release a set of special edition MacCards during December.

MacCards was closed down earlier this year after Apple took legal action against Jones. Apple said the action was solely an issue of trademark and copyright infringement, and not connected to the launch of Apple's own iCards site. iCards was launched weeks before the legal action began.

Jones believes that his special-edition cards do not contravene Apple's objections to MacCards. He says: "No doubt Apple will release its own iCards for Christmas, just as I plan to release some EyeCards for the holiday season." But he claims: "I couldn't ignore the many requests I have had to do something with MacCards."

The cards are satirical images of multi-coloured lighters under the "Just Think" slogan. For more information and a chance to vote go to MacCards.

Jones also runs the EyeCards electronic-greeting cards Web site.