Microspot has released a Mac OS X version of its popular 2D-CAD application MacDraft.

Version 5.05 of the application uses Apple's Aqua user-interface throughout, and also takes advantage of the operating system's powerful capabilities.

Microspot's PR manager Eleanor Smith said: "I believe it's one of the only CAD products available on the market today. It's the first of a range of Mac OS X products we plan to bring out."

The application is widely used for producing sketches and complex technical drawings - particularly by engineering and architectural users. It ships with a full suite of basic and advanced drawing-tools, with international-standard dimensioning capabilities that support both Imperial and metric measurements.

It also offers an integrated database for assigning information to objects, performing find-&-replace operations and creating custom reports. The application includes Microspot Media Assistant Lite, which can collect and store drawings, drawing components and entire symbol libraries. The application can import AutoCAD and PCDraft files, and costs £239 (ex. VAT).