Vellum Software will introduce Mac OS X versions of its CAD and graphics design tools at London’s MacExpo 2002 tomorrow.

The company's product family includes Designer Elements for Mac OS X. This suite of cross-platform tools is widely used in CAD studios across Europe, the company claims. There are several different versions of the solution for different needs.

Designer Elements Graphite is for traditional drafting tasks. It offers a selection of tools, including capable shape and curve. Designer Elements Argon is an advanced 3D program that integrates precision free-form NURBS surfaces and solids. It includes surface verification, photo-realistic rendering and animation tools. Both cost £695.

Designer Elements Xenon (£2,195) has been built as a tool for industrial designers. It offers history-based model-modification techniques and 2D-drafting tools that supplement features also found in Argon. It offers some powerful associative technology features – so designers can actually see the effect of changing a minor part of the structure automatically.

Product design Designer Elements Cobalt (£2,895) is a product design tool. It integrates an engineering toolset built directly on the technologies used in Argon and Xenon. It offers 2D and 3D equation-driven parametrics and assembly tools, including constraint management, detail and section views. It also offers production injection-moulding capabilities. The company describes Cobalt as "the ultimate product design and development tool".

Finally, the company will present a Mac OS X version of Neon, a £395 3D-publishing solution developed to transform engineering data into 3D presentations for publication in print or online in a variety of formats.

Ashlar-Vellum’s president Robert Bou said: "We have taken our former product line, including Vellum Solids, expanded its power and rolled out fresh, superior products, including our new flagship, Cobalt. But some customers don't need all the power of our top-end program, so Xenon and Argon are now available to fulfil their needs.

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