MacExpo 2002 is a buyers' show, resellers confirmed after show-floor stocks sold out in hours.

LaCie's UK managing director George Leptos said: "We sold out of all our products in the first day. Resellers Micro Anvika and Computer Warehouse are struggling to keep up with the demand from show attendees. It certainly is busier this year."

LaCie's 120GB drive is reduced to £189 as a MacExpo special offer.

Adam David, 26, a sociology student from GoldSmiths College had just purchased a discounted LaCie drive. He said: "I've come here to buy things hoping to get a discount.

"It is a good atmosphere, but I imagined it would be more vibrant. The biggest thing for me as I walk around is I wish I had more money.

"I've enjoyed Macs for three years, I was converted to Macs from PCs because of the multimedia aspect: and that was it, I've never looked back.

"My dream Mac would be a 17-inch iMac with a Super Drive or a PowerMac G4 with a 23-inch Cinema display.

Tristan Blakely, managing director of DreamTek, an Apple audio solutions expert, claimed: "The demand from show attendees has been overwhelming, I haven't had time to stop for breath. We're selling stock hand over fist."

Dave, 21, studying an HND in interactive media had just purchased a 5GB iPod for £245. He said: "Yes, I am a Mac fan. I've had a G3 iMac, a 7200MHz PowerBook, a 5400MHz PowerBook and Performa 475.

"I've used Macs since I was a kid. I tried Windows once for about half an hour, and it drove me nuts. I'll never do it again. I love the Mac OS. I was dubious that Mac OS X could better Mac OS 9.2 – it was so stable. I didn't think the Unix architecture of Mac OS X would work so well.

As for the show's atmosphere, he commented: "I was here last year. This year is hotter, it's also busier because of the LCD iMacs and Mac OS X. My dream piece of Apple equipment would be an Xserve, if I bought one I'd never leave it."

George Row, 46, community producer for Motley Fool Web site, also had an eye for a bargain.

He commented: "Being about and able to move from stall to stall and get the feel of things is better than going shopping online.

"I've been looking at Mac OS X 10.2 on the Apple stand. I saw some guy doing an iCal presentation that was really useful.

"I might buy gadgets, I'm not in the mood to make big purchases. I've been using every variation and shape of Mac since 1986. The Cinema Display would be my ideal piece of Mac equipment. You can never have too much screen.

"I bought my Mum an iMac recently. I was prepared for her to say take it away, but after three weeks, she is as much of an enthusiast as me. Now she knows what I'm doing all those hours locked up in my office."

It was multimedia student Richard Bondidge's first time at MacExpo, he said: "I have really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the main Apple and the 4D Cinema stand.

"I was recommended to come here by teachers to get an idea of what's available and what's new and up-and-coming. I'm also keen to get my hands on some freebies.

"I haven't got a Mac, so I've been looking around to see what's in my price range. My dream piece of Apple equipment would be a PowerBook G4."