More than half of Macworld Online readers will attend MacExpo 2002 at the Business Design Centre, Islington, a poll indicates.

58 per cent of respondents to a poll asking: "UK readers, are you planning to attend London's MacExpo 2002 in November?" replied "Yes".

Less than a third – 31 per cent – said they wouldn't be there, while 11 per cent were unsure.

I'll be there One reader enthusiastically responded: "I always attend. I take the day or two off from work to indulge myself in the world of Mac gadgetry. It's something that I look forward to all year - but my credit card does not."

"I wonder what delights Apple, Adobe and Microsoft will try to tempt me with this year?" enquired another, "I got my little paws on an iPod last time round, I was the first in the country to buy one. Maybe this year I’ll go the whole hog and get a duel G4 1.25 and a large flat screen too."

One reader said what he wants is a bevy of pop "beauties". He said: "I want to see Brittany Spears, The Spice Girls – including Gerry – and Kylie on the Apple stand, touting the benefits of the new 2.5GHz, £1,000 Power Mac loaded with decent software and the ability to run Windows natively."

"I can't wait" was one reader's straightforward response.

London calling A Scottish reader expressed dissatisfaction with MacExpo's London location. He complained: "Why London? We use Macs in Scotland as well."

Another voter replied: "The UK will always mean London. It's a bit like saying 'why is Macworld New York always in New York?' Oh, hang on."

Boston recently beat competition from New York to host Macworld Expo in 2004.

If you're going to San Francisco Another voter said he'd rather wait for Macworld Expo San Francisco in January: "I live in San Francisco and we have a much better one every year on my doorstep."

One voter was more cynical: "I fail to see the relevance of self-congratulatory trade shows.

"Their only purpose is to help money-hungry tech companies collect personal marketing data to make money from people. It's just yet another early 21st century marketing exercise."

MacExpo 2002 is hosting a Mac OS X Admin seminar, an advanced Creating Music seminar and a Games Zone.

Macworld UK is also sponsoring seminars exploring Mac OS X, Final Cut Pro and Shake.

Exhibitor FileMaker has announced it will be demonstrating FileMaker Pro 6.0, its flagship databasing and information-management solution.

Organizers claim 10,000 people have already registered for MacExpo 2002. Registration is still open at the reduced cost of £5. Admission costs £10 on the door.

MacExpo 2002 runs November 21-23.