DrawWell Technologies launched DrawWell, its Mac OS X-compatible document-production tool, at MacExpo 2001 yesterday.

DrawWell has been designed to be simple to install and easy to use, the company claims. It's a solution for building sophisticated graphics, images and text documents.

It offers a variety of tools to create such documents, including a range of plug-ins. Features include the ability to create a variety of easily modified shapes, the capacity to import graphics, drag-&-drop support, multiple drawing layers per page, and unlimited levels of undo.

The plug-ins architecture of the drawing/DTP application lets it handle other tasks, such as: charting; reports authoring; PDF viewing and marking-up; and presentations. Plug-ins can also work together, the company claims. It adds: "A key feature is the ability to combine the functionality of plug-ins. For example, the charting tool can source its labels and values from the reporting tool."

DrawWell has also made the Mac OS X Frameworks of the application and plug-ins available. This lets other Mac OS X developers incorporate DrawWell's functionality into their own applications.

DrawWell CEO David Knight said: "DrawWell operates on many levels: it acts as a multifunction, highly integrated document-production and review system applicable to a range of uses.

"Developers can also incorporate the Frameworks into their own applications to add reporting features to their applications within an hour."

The application costs $49 for a single user license. DrawWell, and its manual, are available for download from the company.