Elgato has introduced the world's first DVB-C digital TV recorder for the Mac at MacExpo London.

DVB-C – or Digital Cable – is widely available in Europe and is the upcoming digital cable standard. With Elgato's new EyeTV 610 it will be possible to record television broadcast in that format.

Elgato CEO Freddie Geier said: "With EyeTV 610 we have completed our comprehensive product range for watching digital TV on the Macintosh platform. Growth is expected to remain strong as digital cable TV networks are constantly being
upgraded to digital capacity."

EyeTV 610 lets users watch, record and edit perfect PayTV and digital cable television on the Mac. A subscription from a local digital cable provider will be required.

EyeTV 610 is available for £230.

Elgato is based at stand 30.