Extensis is demonstrating Portfolio 8 at MacExpo.

Announced just last week, the product offers industrial-strength workflow features to organise and route digital files using visual catalogues and embedded metadata. It's digital asset management on steroids.

The Portfolio 8 product family includes a standalone version, a client/server solution, as well as NetPublish and SQL Connect Modules.
New features and special powers

It offers built-in workflow tracking out of the box. With its new ability to add cataloging presets to AutoSync folders, files can be added to Portfolio with predefined metadata and can be moved through the workflow simply by dropping them into folders on the file-server. Portfolio can even keep track of the status of a job and help communicate with and route files to other members of a team.
The product ships with a series of sample catalogues for specific tasks, such as like photography, stock image management, and document routing and approval. Portfolio can also automatically create Screen Previews for creating CD's, DVDs, websites, and emails.
Portfolio 8's new gallery features include private galleries, accessible only by the original creator, and scratchpad galleries, to easily collect items from several different locations and organise them for printing or other activities.
The application's NetPublish feature has been improved. Portfolio users can use NetPublish to distribute a subset of a catalogue, rather than an entire catalogue, using a dynamic website. NetPublish Logging will track activity on a Portfolio-powered site. Downloadable logs track site statistics.

Portfolio 8 for both individual users and workgroups will be available for download and purchase in December 2005.