The queue has started. A tent and a handful of dedicated Mac users were spotted outside the Apple Store on Regents Street last night at 1am. Two days before the store is set to open to the public.

As for the tent, Apple users don't rough it too much – they leave that to the Windows users of the world. And anyway, it was raining.

The line is likely to grow today as more Mac users from across the UK attending the MacExpo at Islington's Design Centre, are inspired to join the Regent Street party rather than return home.

Whether the (supposedly) more reserved UK will see a queue the length of that experienced in any of the store openings in the US or Japan remains to be seen.

Atmospheric pressure

A number of people Macworld spoke to at the Expo on Thursday intend to go along to the store opening on Saturday morning.

Philip Judd a university student from London said: "I'm really looking forward to going to the Store opening. I'm planning to get there early, I'm not sure if I'll be camping overnight. I think that there would be a great atmosphere if I did though."

Nicolas Down, a recent switcher from Surrey said: "I'll go to the Apple Store opening. It should be interesting. The Stores have been a huge success in America I expect that Apple will repeat that success here."

Richard Slaid a graphic designer from Bracknell in Berkshire said: "The iPod is making people realise that Apple is a cool brand. As people become curious and want to find out more the Store will be a great way for Apple to evangelise the Mac."