SmartDisk is today launching FireFly, the world's "smallest and lightest" external hard-drive at MacExpo 2001.

FireFly is a credit-card sized (102-x-64-x-13mm) drive employing the same 5GB 1.8-inch Toshiba drive as in Apple's iPod. The FireWire drive offers data transfer speeds of 12MBps, drawing its power from the bus. It utilizes the most recent developments in FireWire bridge technology, which makes for data transfers that are stable enough for video producers. FireFly was originally scheduled to cost £299 (inc. VAT). However, the company reduced the price to £249 (inc. VAT) yesterday.

SmartDisk is also introducing its updated VST range at the show. The products include the SmartDisk VST FireWire Thin Drive (available in 10, 20 and 30GB capacities at £149, £199 and £279 respectively), the FireWire portable (£239) CD-RW drive and its £54 USB floppy drive. Each product features silver-coloured casings to complement Apple's G4 PowerBooks.

Fire power The FireWire Thin Drive enables users to store and transfer large volumes of music, video, photos and data to and from desktops and laptops, according to the company. The drive weighs 184g and measures 76mm-x-142mm-x-18mm. It's powered by the FireWire bus.

SmartDisk acquired Mac-focused firm VST Technologies last year. In an exclusive discussion with Macworld UK, company president and CEO Michael Battaglia stressed the importance of the Apple market to SmartDisk. He said: "Sixty per cent of company revenues come from the Apple market, and our relationship with Apple has never been better."

Battaglia promised SmartDisk will continue to deliver "smaller, lighter, cheaper and larger" external hard-drive solutions for Macintosh users.

He also discussed the malaise affecting his industry, focusing particularly on keeping pricing competitive. He said: "I don't know anyone in IT who isn't trying to keep prices low to keep market share in the current economy. We can take pricing pressure and survive."

SmartDisk is at stand number 10. A MacExpo floorplan can be downloaded here.