Hermstedt is launching a slew of new products at MacExpo today.

The company is introducing new versions of its LeoShare and Webshuttle products, and promising "exciting new initiatives for the industry".

The latest Webshuttle II (pictured) introduces an improved call-bumping facility, so users can access the Internet at 128Kbps using two channels - although calls can still be received through the automatic release on demand of one of the two channels. Webshuttle continues to provide email, fax, file transfer and remote access too.

LeoShare 2 is also ready to roll at MacExpo. This product makes cross-platform file sharing easy, offering Mac and Windows clients in mixed networks simple access to ISDN. It runs on a Macintosh server, equipped with one or more Hermstedt ISDN adaptors.

Andy Eakins, of Hermstedt, said: "We are pleased to have these new products ready to demonstrate at MacExpo, especially as cross-platform integration is such an important factor in business workflows.

"The Webshuttle has been a very successful product for us and the new version has significant new functionality, as well as some aesthetic changes. Our second version of LeoShare opens up networking possibilities. We also have a couple of other announcements up our sleeves, so watch this space."