Hermstedt has announced a new partnership with 4Sight, meaning the latter company is recommending Hermstedt’s StingRay file-transfer server as a hardware solution to users of its professional Internet services.

Both companies are working together to develop 4Sight workflow-application software and WAM!NET WorkSpace online file-storage and delivery capabilities for StingRay. 4Sight is a WAM!NET division.

StingRay is an all-purpose dedicated file-transfer server. It can handle a multiplicity of platforms, protocols and communications methods (ISDN and ADSL, for example). It costs £2,895 (ex. VAT).

Hermstedt’s UK managing director Andy Eakins remarked: “We developed StingRay as a tool to facilitate open communication and the product has always been able to talk to different protocols.

“However, our long-term relationship with 4Sight takes our intentions a step further by offering users more workflow opportunities via StingRay. 4Sight will also be selling StingRay to further enhance their range of products and services.”

General manager of 4Sight Chris Beck praised StingRay, calling the product, “ideal for companies wanting a simple solution to manage secure peer-to-peer file transfer”.