MacExpo 2003 will see the launch of the UK Mac Dealer Association (UK MDA).

UK MDA has been three years in preparation. It will provide a range of Web-based information services for both Apple buyers and resellers. The site is designed to help Mac users find a local reseller or accredited supplier; it will also offer dealers a "range of tools and information resources for them to offer a better service to their clients," the group says.

In-depth site features will include a dealer/reseller location tool and a downloadable dealer directory. Association members will also have hosted information about their company, specialties, products, promotions, company history, and key staff.

The group says: "Unlike Apple UK's own dealer listing, this resource will list anyone who offers any services related to Apple – sales, support and maintenance, training, software development or any other Apple-related services, regardless of company size".

'Powerful resource'

UK MDA founder, Robert Peckham, said: "This is just the beginning. From January 2004, this resource will start to become very powerful indeed. For example, our dealer members will be able to use the Association's services to locate any make of rare or discontinued product that one of their fellow members may still have in stock, or indeed advertise their own unsold items that could be of interest to other Association members."

Peckham has 15-years Mac industry experience; he said: "This is a very exciting development that will help Apple dealers of any – and every – size cooperate and communicate with each other more easily and quickly – and through this, offer customers a far more extensive range of additional services and resources."

A selection of other useful features and resources is planned.