Microspot today released MacDraft Personal Edition (PE) at MacExpo.

This product is a drawing and diagramming application that borrows features from the company's MacDraft 5.5 Quartz Edition.

MacDraft PE was developed for Mac OS X, and is designed to be an easy-to-use vector graphic design application. The product focus is on floorplans, technical drawing, garden design, flowchart, building and object design, and layout.

Features include an accurate, scaled drawing environment up to 43cm (17-inches) square, with tools for lines, curves, filled shapes, text and support for 100 levels of undo. The product can import images saved in several file formats, and offers the ability to alter the transparency of all objects included in a drawing.

Finished work can be exported as PDFs as well as a variety of other image formats. The application ships with sample documents and three symbol libraries for home, office and garden layouts.

MacDraft PE costs £79 (excluding VAT). The company is offering 25 per cent off all its products at the show – so the product will cost £69 (including VAT) to MacExpo attendees.