Macworld today announced the winners of the “Macworld Best of Show Awards”, representing the most exciting hardware and software products announced at MacExpo 2002 in London.

The awards were presented by Simon Jary, editor-in-chief of Macworld, and David Fanning, deputy editor.

To be eligible for Best of Show consideration, products were either making their public debut at MacExpo or were recently introduced and likely to generate excitement on the show floor.

The Best of Show winners for MacExpo 2002 London are:

Apple 1GHz SuperDrive PowerBook G4 MacExpo 2002 was the first public outing for Apple’s latest high-end professional laptop. The PowerBook G4 has now reached the landmark 1GHz processor speed, and boasts a slot-loading DVD-R SuperDrive – the first in the industry. Other enhancements include an ATI Radeon 9000 video card.

“This portable has the power and all the features to replace your desktop machine,” said Jary. “Apple’s engineers should be congratulated on first squeezing the SuperDrive into the one-inch-thick PowerBook casing, and then keeping the drive’s slot-loading mechanism.”
(Stand 150)

Steinberg Cubase SX Developed for musicians by musicians, Steinberg's virtual studio is one of the top professional music creation and production applications for the Mac. Cubase SX has been completely re-engineered for Mac OS X only, and boasts myriad new features, such as Steinberg's VST System Link. SX is easy to learn, and Steinberg has put a lot of effort into making this a fine OS X product, particularly its new Project window.
(Stand 740B)

Palm Tungsten T Palm’s Tungsten T handheld PDA offers crisp, clear colour with its 320-x-320-pixel reflective TFT display, which supports more than 65,000 colours. It has built-in Bluetooth, which fits well with Apple’s iSync and digital-hub strategies, and offers voice-recording and the ability to use MultiMedia card and SD expansion cards.
(Stand G42)

Formac Gallery 2010 Formac won a Best of Show at MacExpo 2001 for its Gallery 1740 flat-panel display that knocked dead pixels off Apple’s 17-inch Studio Display. Now, the company is proudly showing its 20.1-inch LCD, with similar Apple-like see-through styling and choice of ADC or DVI interfaces.
(Stand 300)

Maxon Cinema 4D R8 This latest version of Maxon’s powerful 3D animation and rendering tool offers an advanced render module that includes sophisticated features, such as global illumination, caustics, enhanced depth of field, and post-effect filters for glow and highlights.
(Stand 30)

Extensis PrintReady PrintReady is the latest in Extensis’ suite of preflighting tools. It’s a complete quality-control and file-delivery solution that helps designers, publishers and printers prepare, collect and send print-ready files.
(Stand 610)

Hermstedt StingRay From the people who bought you the best ISDN and ADSL products for the Mac comes StingRay, a multi-protocol, multi-platform appliance server dedicated to digital file transfer. StingRay supports any connection method – ISDN, DSL, LAN, and even leased lines – and transfer protocols, such as Leonardo, Transmission Manager, Easy Transfer, FTP and IP. Once installed, the StingRay digital post-box separates its network users from the outside world, offering absolute security against hackers and viruses. It forwards files from the network to the server’s 40GB hard drive – which in turn dials the addressee. Incoming files land on StingRay first, and then are fetched by the individual user.
(Stand 30)

Alias|Wavefront Maya 4.5 Complete MacExpo 2002 sees the first UK public showing of the latest version of Alias|Wavefront’s OS X 3D modelling and animation application. Version 4.5 for Mac now matches its Windows and Unix feature for feature. Maya’s greatest claim to fame so far is its extensive use in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Its combination of tightly integrated and completely scriptable modelling, character animation, physics-based dynamic and particle simulation is unmatched by other 3D-effects packages at any price.
(Stand 640)

Realviz ImageModeler 3.5 Using photographs as a revolutionary approach to 3D content creation, ImageModeler 3.5 offers an innovative and intuitive approach to the time-consuming, complex task of creating 3D models. It extracts 3D information, helping in the construction of accurate 3D models.
(Stand 540)

Griffin Technology PowerWave A flexible digital desktop audio amplifier, the PowerWave has a 22-watt amp capable of driving a small set of unpowered speakers. It has professional stereo RCA line outputs and inputs for playing and recording music. Uniquely, it can connect and power the Apple Pro Speakers.
(Stand 500)