Macworld UK has announced its Best of Show awards for London's MacExpo 2006.

Every year, Macworld's senior editors prowl the showfloor to identify the best devices there. To qualify for 'Best of Show' status, products must either make their public debut at MacExpo or be recently introduced and generating excitement on the show floor.

Best Of Show Award

This year's winning products are:

Apple's 24-inch iMac Any Apple product could steal the show, but its latest iMac is larger than life in every sense. The 24-inch iMac is a stunning piece of kit and no visit to the MacExpo would be complete without taking a look.

Quark Interactive Designer Quark has stolen Flash design from right under Adobe's nose. A fantastically innovative product that will bring Flash design to the masses unwilling or unable to write ActionScript code.

Sony Blu-Ray BWU-100A It has been a long wait, but Sony's internal Blu-Ray disc has finally made its way from design concept to physical product. Pop along to the Sony stand and see what all the fuss is about.

HP Photosmart Pro B9180 The quality of printers improves every year, and picking one that stands out is always difficult. However, HP's Photosmart Pro B9180 screams for attention by providing professional power at a budget price.

Google Earth Pro Google is a welcome newcomer to MacExpo, and it's commitment to innovation on the Mac hasn't gone unnoticed. Google Earth Pro (and its partner in crime Google SketchUp) showcase Google's radically different ideas about what computing can do.

Gear4 BluEye Hidden among all the generic iPod cases, docks and speakers at MacExpo sits this little gem. Truly innovative, it uses Bluetooth to turn your iPod into a hands-free mobile phone - complete with FM radio.

Wacom Graphire4 Classic White Edition (A6 edition) Wacom's graphic tablets are always a gem to look at, but the recently announced white version takes the design to a new level. The perfect matching accessory for your iMac or MacBook.

Miglia Dialog Plus Rather than mimic a traditional phone Miglia has realised that a computer VoIP telephone should be designed from scratch. This wireless phone is radically different - but that's its charm.

Harmon Kardon Digital Lounge Quality is a trademark of Harmon Kardon. One of the few companies to realise that TVs are no longer about just watching TV. The Digital Lounge has been designed to support the full spectrum of digital entertainment: MP3 players, games consoles, cameras, computers, DVD and HDTV all get the Harmon Kardon treatment. Take a seat on the sofa and watch it go...

Age Of Empires III Age Of Empires III is the most hotly anticipated game ever and proves that despite Boot Camp, Mac gaming is alive and well. It won't ship until November, but tucked away at MacExpo's dedicated gamer's area there's a fully working beta to play with.