Macworld held an intensive two-day conference on Mac OS X and pro design during Mac Expo 2005.

One attendee, creative artist and freelance writer, Nick Spence, joined the pro graphic design stream.

Spence observed: "Macworld brought over heavyweight QuarkXPress product architect Dan Logan for the demo of XPress 7. Though still in beta form QuarkXPress 7.0. looked to be all there, and crashed only once during the session during the improved collaboration functionality demo."

Logan pored over each new feature of the application, saying: "I'd need to speak for days to explain everything".

Photoshop guru Deke McClelland also flew across to share insights into the industry standard imaging application from Adobe, focusing his attention on Adobe Bridge.

McClelland had been travelling around the UK and showed scenic photos from his visit rather than stock images during his talk, Spence said.

"Steve Caplin, another Adobe expert, provided humour, starting by taking a photo of Ian a member of the audience and within minutes expertly placed his head on to a muscle-bound body," Spence observed.

Caplin ironically plugged his book - 'How To Cheat at Photoshop' at "ever opportunity", Spence said, observing that the author, "made light work of some elaborate tricks".

A Corps Business trainer and the ever-dapper Martin Evening, author of 'Photoshop for Digital Photographers' rounded off the intensive session.

"It was an informative two days", Spence explained. "I learned many new tricks," he added.

If you missed the conference, or attended but would like to hear more from the conference speakers, Sam Downie’s Tech:Casts has a two part podcast from Mac Expo and Macworld UK Conference ‘05. Among the featured guests are David Pogue, New York Times technology columnist and author; Andy Ihnatko, Chicago Sun-Times columnist and author and Deke McClelland, Photoshop expert and graphic design guru.