A new design tool for Mac users launches today at MacExpo, PrintDevizor.

From UK developer, Stonecube, PrintDevizor is a solution for "visualising" the impact of standard and decorative print effects. It is described as the: "First ever print finish visualiser tool that can display the impact of finished print textures or special effects - before anything goes to print."

The software will be on show at stand 415. It's capable of furnishing previews of: CMYK, spot colour, metallics, fluorescents, blocks, gloss/matt varnishes, lamination and other special finishes.

Visualise print

It lets users apply and reapply multiple effects using design images generated in any standard creative software, including layered Photoshop files. Each final finish can be viewed with full 360-degree rotation in a range of true lighting environments, bridging the gap between design concept and reality. It uses QuickTIme to deliver these virtual reality models.

Stonecube CEO Martin Coulthard said: "PrintDevizor has a great deal to offer designers, who, with clear and realistic visualisation, can create high impact designs and reduce the possibility of misunderstandings in the communication of their ideas. The ability to view a finished design in its target surroundings is an invaluable opportunity for brand managers and other marketeers to get a real idea of the visual strength of a proposed design in a retail or commercial environment.”

Nick Clark, art director Books for Readers Digest, said: "PrintDevizor is one of the most innovative graphics products we’ve seen for a long time. We envisage it being an indispensable tool for our designers, particularly in conjunction with our Internet and direct marketing strategies."

Concepts can be captured and sent using email and on the Web using interactive QuickTime VR views. It costs £995 (excluding VAT), though it's available for just £750 (excluding VAT) as a special MacExpo offer.