MacExpo showgoers praised Apple's product rollout for 2003 yesterday, with the Power Mac G5 being credited as the "highlight of the year."

Graphic designer Peter Smith said: "I'm really impressed with the G5. Every year Apple comes up with innovations that make it easier to do the work we do."

"The G5 was definitely the highlight of the year for Apple – it's a fantastic machine," said Richard Herschy.

But although the G5 is on many wish lists, not all will be making the purchase. Theatre technician, Lee Meader, said: "I'd love a G5, but they are so expensive and I've not had my G4 for long. It would be ideal if they offered us a trade-in package."

iPod generation

Other attendees described why they were so impressed by the iPod, although many felt that there were missing features still. For Aaron Ireland: "It needs a colour screen," and until it has one, Lee Meader won’t be investing his money. "I don’t expect to have to wait for long though – Apple upgrades products so often," he said.

This sentiment was echoed by many punters. Mac fan Andrew Butler-Madden said: "It's frustrating that as soon as you buy a product from Apple they bring out a better one."

Aaron Ireland agreed: "The problem with Apple is that they upgrade their products so often that you end up waiting, putting off upgrading in case the next model is going to offer a must have thing."