QuarkXPress product manager Jurgen Kurz told Macworld UK yesterday that Quark plans a roadshow in Europe in Q1 2004.

He added that the company intends to deliver updates more frequently, and has plans to bridge the distance that is perceived to exist between Quark and its customers.

He also spoke of the desktop-publishing package’s fortunes since the recent release of version 6.0 for Mac OS X: "QuarkXPress 6.0 has been the most successful upgrade we have produced so far." He confirmed strong sales of the product, and promised: "We will be releasing an upgrade for XPress 6.0 this week."

Apple UK's managing director, Mark Rogers, confirmed yesterday that Apple is seeing some slight recovery in its all-important creative markets: "Our creative users are entering an upgrade cycle, and slight recovery in the advertising market is giving confidence to the sector."

Apple believes that the debut of its Power Mac G5, Mac OS X 10.3 and the arrival of key publishing applications such as QuarkXPress 6.0 for OS X will stimulate professional sales.

Rogers also confirmed that iPod supplies remain constrained worldwide: "We could sell more," he said, "we just can't build them fast enough," he added.