UK developer SoftChaos is today launching WorkStrip 1.5 at MacExpo 2001.

WorkStrip is an advanced file-management utility accessed through the Control Strip. It can launch, quit, hide and activate applications, as well as open and preview documents.

The application is designed to ease navigation between applications, folders and documents. It's more than a simple navigation tool, however, it can also remember previously opened documents and applications, organizing such information into "Workspaces". Workspaces help users track files and Internet activities by gathering them into groups.

Changing skin This version introduces more user customization features than before, including: user-designated keyboard shortcuts; support for skins; a Skin Design Kit; and an HTML-file preview.

In addition, the application offers instant previews of most movie and sound files supported by QuickTime – including MPEG, MP3 and AIFF. Such files can be played by moving the mouse over the preview image generated by WorkStrip.

It's been packed with new features and implements a variety of stability improvements. It's also more intelligent, with the capacity to track down alternative versions of applications - this means if a user updates an application, WorkStrip will look for the new version.

WorkStrip 1.5 costs $29.95 and is available online. The developers are building a Mac OS X version of the application, which they hope to release this year. SoftChaos is at stand number 830.