Sonnet Technologies has announced a cheap, self-help, high-capacity battery-replacement kit for all generations of iPod, including iPod photo, iPod with colour display and iPod mini.

It's the first complete DIY iPod battery kit to reach consumers. Sonnet supplies all the required tools for the job, as well as detailed installation instruction videos (in English, French, German, and Japanese) in each package.

Better batteries play longer

It addresses what has been a major problem for iPod users. All iPods use rechargeable batteries which are subject to a limited number of charge cycles, and their charge capacities become diminished as time passes.

The company isn't just offering battery replacement - it's also offering more power under the 'Pod. Sonnet's high-capacity replacements offer up to 78-per-cent-greater capacity over the original - and playtimes can exceed 20 hours.
While several Sonnet partners will offer installation services, Sonnet's battery package includes the right tools for the job.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is priceless," says Robert Farnsworth, Sonnet CEO, of the included video installation instructions. "While opening up an iPod isn't something everyone will attempt, the high quality instructional videos guide the user in an easy to follow procedure." Spoken English, French, German, and Japanese language videos are included on the CD, playable in Windows and Mac computers.
iPod Compatibility and prices

BAT-1G2G: iPod with scroll wheel, iPod with touch wheel, $39.95,
BAT-3G: iPod with dock connector, $29.95,
BAT-4G: iPod with Click Wheel, $29.95,
BAT-4GC: iPod photo, iPod with color display, $29.95,
BAT-MINI: iPod mini, $29.95.

Sonnet's iPod replacement batteries will be available this month, and will be distributed by A M Micro in the UK.