Sony is demonstrating its new Onyx Black monitor at MacExpo today, though the product isn't expected to ship until February 2004.

This 17-inch monitor implements a display technology the company originally developed for use in its Vaio notebooks, Onyx Black.

This technology combines a glare filter with a low-reflection coating on the panel itself. This means on first look, the monitor looks blacker than it does on a normal LCD screen.

In use, the Onyx Black display offers a higher contrast ratio than other Sony screens, and is brighter and crisper, according to the company. One Vaio reviewer remarked that the technology meant he was able to easily use his so-equipped Vaio in sunlight, Sony claims. The viewing angle is an effective 180-degrees.

The new product's resolution is 1,280-x-1,024 pixels, while brightness is 400CD/M2. It's equipped with an internal power supply.

Sony is still developing its technology for use in the product, and actual shipping specifications may change until it's released next year. Pricing hasn't been announced.