Nearly half of MacExpo attendees have already upgraded to Mac OS X 10.3, according to a survey conducted by the show organizers.

This confirms Apple's success in convincing its customers to upgrade to Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther). 44% of respondents are already on the new OS, while 36% use OS X 10.2. Just 20% of attendees use Mac OS 9 or earlier, according to the results.

A quarter of MacExpo visitors return to the show annually, the organizers said. It means one-in-four Mac users at the show also visited in 2000, 2001 and 2002. And 80% of the 1,321 visitors who have returned poll data to the organizers decided to go to the event over a month before the show.

Apple may be interested in what the organizers discovered about what Macs are used by visitors who attended the show – as it proves there's a market there for Apple to convince to upgrade.

Power Mac G5 – 3%
Power Mac G4 – 44%
PowerBook – 23%
iMac – 20%
eMac – 1%
iBook – 7%
iPod – 2%.

Average purchase, £272

The UK's Mac community is hungry for Apple knowledge. The survey reveals that 67% of visitors came to MacExpo to learn about new products and services, and 23% to buy products and services. Resellers reported steady sales throughout the show's three-days, and this has also been confirmed – 73% of visitors purchased kit at the event, while 93% of visitors were prompted to buy something after the show. The organizers suggest that the average purchase at the show was £272.

The survey results also confirm Apple's place at the heart of the creative industries. One-third (36%) of visitors are involved in the creative industries, and 11% work in IT. Print and reprographics professionals also showed up – 9% of visitors were from that sector. Music and video professionals accounted for 8% of visitors, and education workers 7%. Other categories included commercial (8%), and industrial (7%).

This year's show saw 61% (last year 65%) of attendees visit out of individual interest, while 39% were there on company business.

The survey also reveals that 60% of visitors used Macs, 7% used PCs and 37% use both platforms (presumably the latter figure includes some attendees who signed for both other categories).

MacExpo's program of masterclasses and keynotes were also well received, with responses showing that attendees generally felt these were good or very good value.

The majority (87%) of visitors spent at least two hours at the show, while 78% of visitors travelled up to 100 miles to make it to the show. A further 22% of visitors went over 100 miles to get there.

MacExpo 2004 looks well-set for repeat success, an impressive 93% of visitors are likely to show up again next year.