Following a series of virus outbreaks on PCs this year and security concerns, a number of PC users have made the switch to Mac. A number of MacExpo attendees who switched to the Mac recently told us their stories.

Nicolas Down, an artist from Dorking in Surrey, switched to the Mac in June. "I was fed up with Windows big time, viruses and crashes were the bain of my life" he said. "Then in June I went to a conference and saw the G5 – my jaw dropped. I had to have one. It was well worth the extra money and I've never looked back. I am a complete convert and a great advocate. I'm trying to persuade everyone I know that its time to swap."

"And it's not just me," he added. "As big corporations start to see that only Apple can offer them a secure system they are starting to move away from Microsoft. And, let's face it, Microsoft needs downsizing. Apple is innovative. They are in a different league to Microsoft and Jobs is streets ahead of Gates. Microsoft isn't creative enough – it is too left hemisphere."

Angela Saunder from Brighton is thinking of switching. She said: "I use a PC at the moment and there just seems to be an onslaught of viruses. My son uses Linux and my cousin uses a Mac. The PC makes me angry. It crashes all the time. It makes me really fed up. It's such an inconvenience."

Odd one out

Those who have made the switch but are still surrounded by PC users have come to appreciate the Mac even more. David Insinna from London (but originally Italy), describes himself as an entrepreneur. "I switched to Mac a couple of years ago. I'd always wanted to use a Mac but before the obstacle was compatibility. A lot of the software I was using didn't work on the Mac. But I knew that the Mac was better, so as soon as I could switch I did. We still use some PCs as well as the Macs – and you really notice that its always the PCs causing the problems, the Macs are much more reliable, they don't crash and we don't get viruses."

Life for users of single Macs on PC networks can be lonely. Richard Slaid from Bracknel in Berkshire pointed out: "I never have problems with my Mac. But the IT support people are afraid of it. It's typical that if you are a Mac user you need to be able to fix any problems with it as nobody else can."