MacExpo 2002 plans to target PC users tempted by the platform, as well as existing Mac users, the organizers have announced.

As part of the plan, the organizers will be inviting Mac-using celebrities to attend the event and talk about why they use Macs, and what benefits the platform offers them. There will be a series of short seminar events called "Is your computer just too PC?"

Discussing the focus on PC to Mac switchers, show director Richard Hease said: "This is a serious attempt to alert consumers and educate them to make a Mac their next PC purchase – especially in the run up to Christmas.

"At MacExpo 2002, visitors can get their hands on Macs to understand how they work, and the real power that these machines have as workhorses, digital hubs and truly creative machines."

Other seminars cover such topics as home-movie creation using iMovie, and how Macs can perform many common tasks more efficiently than PCs. A series of additional three-hour seminars will also be available, but details have not been announced.

Registration for the event is open now. MacExpo runs from November 21 to 23 at Islington's Business Design Centre, London.