target="_blank">MacFest, the UK's first Mac show since Expo 2000, has been hailed a runaway success.

The event took place at the Novotel in Hammersmith from 13-14 March. The Manchester MacFest open tomorrow (16 March) at the Contact Theatre, Oxford Road. It will be open from 11am-7pm. No tickets are required for entry.

The packed London show was host to a raft of Mac-related product launches. target="_blank">Swann unveiled: the Firewire 6 Port Hub and Repeater, and the SwannFire Cardbus – both £89 – as well as the £69 SwannSmart two-port USB PCI card, and the Wireless Micro camera.

Paresh Patel, Swann's managing director for Europe, said: "The place was packed and we have had a huge customer response to our products. The atmosphere has been great, very positive."

target="_blank">Formac representative Caroline Graham also gave MacFest the seal of approval: "There has been a constant stream of visitors and this is the first time we have exhibited our Studio Box in the flesh. People have been very interested.

MacFest mini-Expo "MacFest has been like a mini expo and I think there should be more of them. We had taken £6,000 in orders by midday of the second day."

Damiana Monello, a reseller business-development executive for Norton Anti-Virus, said: "Visitors have grasped this opportunity to keep up-to-date with products, and we have received important feedback."

Garrett Doyle, managing director of reseller and MacFest co-sponsor, target="_blank">MacLine, said: "We had 812 visitors on our first day and expect to have seen 2,000 by the end of today. The feedback has been great for vendors and end-users alike.

"The beauty of MacFest has been that many of the smaller-scale manufacturers find it difficult to afford the bigger expos, and so this event has seen many Mac companies exhibit for the first time.

"The whole Mac market has a presence here. There is everything from software to high-end digital editing equipment."

See Macworld’s gallery for pictures of the London part of MacFest.