MacFest, the UK's first Mac-dedicated roadshow is giving away a Titanium PowerBook G4/400.

The prize will be given to one roadshow attendee, chosen at random. In order to win, simply register for the show and attend either of the two MacFest roadshow events.

The first roadshow is on March 13-14, 2001 at the Novotel, Hammersmith, London. The next event takes place on March 16 at the Contact Theatre, Manchester.

Major Mac names Major Mac-industry names will be exhibiting at the show - including Adobe, Apple, Computers2000 and Computers Unlimited. Canon, Epson, Extensis and Farallon will also attend the show.

There will also be technology seminars from Adobe, Extensis, FileMaker and Media 100, with more seminars promised.

Macromedia will be running a series of Internet-design seminars, called "Add Life to the Web" at the London event. The seminars will look at Dreamweaver 4, Fireworks 4, UltraDev 4, Flash 5 and Generator 2.

More events are planned during the year. Register for your free ticket at