The Advanced Developers Hands On Conference (ADHOC) event in the US has been announced, and takes place July 27-31.

The event (which is also known as MacHack) aims to help developers harness new technologies, and will this time focus on Apple's declared migration to Intel processors, and what developers need to do. It's organised by developers for developers.

Participants will be able to network together, discuss using open source code, developing for multiple platforms, using RealBasic and Cocoa and exploiting the features of Mac OS X 10.4.

Session topics include:

Supporting Intel Macs: The Easy Stuff;
Supporting Intel Macs: The Nitty Gritty;
Cross-Platform Approaches from a Mac perspective;
Inside Dashboard widgets;
Techniques for using network or local resources under Carbon;
Hacking the press (getting software noticed by the media);
How to write Windows Mobile plug-ins and Palm Conduits;
Successful project management.

Registration is required, the event costs are: Student, $50; attendee, $575; speaker, $475.