MacMice has released The Mouse BT II, the fourth generation of its bluetooth wireless mouse.

M.H. Peng, CEO of AllSpirit, maker of the the new mouse, said: "While Apple has been focusing on bending the rules of how users interact with their mouse with their 360-degree mini-scrollball and touch-based "2-button" system, we have focused more on simply improving the time-proven user interface elements everyone already uses and enjoys."

The Mouse BT II is Bluetooth v1.2 compliant. It carries a smooth bright white housing and is made in a "traditional shape", the company said.

MacMice claims the Bluetooth circuitry used to be the most stable and reliable on either Mac OS X or Win XP systems.

The two-button mouse also includes a new MicroScroll, a 10mm diameter mini scrollwheel encoder that provides incredibly precise, notchless fingertip control of cursor motion. The mouse uses rechargeable AAA lithium batteries and a plug-in, mini USB charging cradle.

The Mouse BT II costs $69.99 in the US. The UK price hasn't been revealed.