Curious about Linux, but eager to avoid the tiresome process of partitioning your drive? Or, perhaps hoping to continue to use Mac OS as your system core? Until recently, it has only been possible to have Mac OS running over Linux under certain constraints. Now, with the release of Mac06 (Mac Oh-Six), it looks like there may be light at the end of the tunnel for those who would like the chance to find out what all the Linux fuss is about.

The Munich based Dr. Schaller Information Technology Research Institute, have now released both free and shareware versions of MacO6 as a download from their Website at
The software supports all Macintosh, Macintosh Performa and PowerPC platforms up to System 8.x – but the software is still a beta release, and is untested with some models and systems.

Despite this, MacO6 does offer the user the facility to learn UNIX, and switch between MacOS (Finder) and a UNIX like system – without rebooting.

The system also allows users to run legacy UNIX software on older Macs, and develop software for embedded controllers.

A final warning though, as this is still a beta version, it may not be completely bug-free at this point.