Giants: Citizen Kabuto - the first major game to be launched for the Mac OS X - is ready for publishing.

The game's initial release will target the North-American market on October 25, with localized French and German releases expected later in the year – there is no information on an impending UK release.

This real-time 3D game hosts a battle on a fragment of planet made of 30 separate islands. There is the choice of playing three creatures, Sea Reapers, Meccaryn and the giant Kabuto to gain control of the 3D world.

Dual-processor speed Mark Cottam, president of the game's publishers MacPlay, said: "The talented engineers at Omni Group have implemented SMP (Symmetric Multi Processor) support into Giants, which takes advantage of Mac OS X's symmetric multiprocessing feature when running the dual-processor Power Mac G4.

"Playing Giants on a dual 800MHz Power Mac G4 with Mac OS X and a GeForce 3 graphics accelerator will be the best gaming experience one could enjoy on any platform."

Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations, said: "Mac OS X is built on an incredibly powerful, rock-solid, Unix-based foundation that features core gaming technologies such as OpenGL, QuickTime and advanced networking capabilities.

"MacPlay's Giants is stunning in every way, and we are excited to have it as the first game to be exclusive for Mac OS X."

Giants: Citizen Kabuto has been declared as one of the top five games of 2000 by Voodoo Extreme, and was also Game Guru's Game of the Year and Action Game of the Year.