Instant messaging utility MacPopUp has been updated to version 2.1.

The application lets users exchange instant messages with other users on any local-area network. The application will also work with Windows and UNIX computers as well.

The application needs no server, and installation is swift. It can work in the background, and incoming messages can be heard, using its built-in text-to-speech features while the messaged continues to work. MacPopUp makes use of Apple’s Speech Recognition software – it’s capable of accepting over 25 speech commands.

Enhancements in the new version of the application include an improved user search facility – this will now only display computers where the MacPopUp application is installed. The search facility is also faster.

MacPopUp will work with any Mac with 1MB RAM, Mac OS 7 or later and OpenTransport.

It costs $10, and is available from MacPopUp, a 30-day demo is also available.