Macromedia has announced four major clients for its newly-launched Shockwave 3D format.

CBS,, the LEGO company and National Geographic have all signed up to use copies of Macromedia Director 8.5 - the authoring software for Shockwave 3D - to create 3D content for the Web.

The companies are already deploying 3D content online. Other major corporate brands are also preparing to do so, including Caterpillar and Travelocity.

Intel technology Intel worked with Macromedia to develop Shockwave 3D, and is hosting examples of the format on its Web site. Macromedia claims its 3D player is installed on over 200 million computers worldwide.

Shockwave offers scaleable 3D over the Web using low bandwidths. It makes use of key images, wire frames and the spare processor power of the end users machine. Cross-platform, Shockwave 3D has been widely adopted by 3D-application creators, with export plug-ins available now for around 80 per cent of popular 3D-authoring applications.

Mitchell Praver, president of said: "With 3D-enhanced Shockwave content, our visitors can now experience the world like never before. Visitors to our enhanced Congo Trek 360 can virtually walk in explorer Mike Fay's shoes. They can experience his 1,200 mile trek through what he calls 'the last wild place on earth'. It's the ultimate online adventure."

Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio costs £949, or £149 to upgrade from Director 8. It costs £299 to upgrade from previous versions.